TV Series, Commercial, and Documentary Production

Hypocenter Productions primarily focuses on the frontline aspects of reality TV development and production. We take good ideas and make them better. We won’t waste your time or ours in pushing a pitch that Hollywood isn’t willing to buy. On the other hand, if we really believe in a unique concept, we’ll stay with it and encourage networks to set a trend rather than just follow one. While we have several direct tie-ins to TV network executives, we prefer to ‘marry up’ to larger production companies already partnered on projects with our targeted network. We then approach the network in a joint effort, knowing that the larger company already has the necessary in-house resources and equipment without us having to outsource the majority of the work. Our expertise is in background research, concept development, and locating talent and experts for development projects and series already in production. We’re quite particular about the types of concept submissions we’ll accept, but we’re happy to provide a quick evaluation of your treatment as time permits. If you’ve never worked in TV before, follow the link for some tips to consider before writing your treatment.

Our Expertise

In 2012, after three seasons of joining forces to provide a major contribution to the creation of the Syfy Channel’s hit show “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files”, Ben Hansen and his father Dr. David Hansen, aka “Doc”, branched out into other areas of production other than just development.

Hypocenter has gained expertise in a few niche genres as the go-to source for content in the following:

Paranormal, UFO, and Unexplained Mysteries

From early childhood, Doc encouraged Ben’s exploration of the universe by bringing home books and magazine articles on the subject of life on other worlds. Years later, their curiosity was fueled by becoming witness to a few spectacular UFO sightings.  They were UFOs in the sense that conventional explanations for the objects were never found. When the opportunity presented itself to assist in the creation a new unexplained mystery TV show, the two of them helped convince the producers that the show should cover the genres of UFOs and also alleged cryptids such as Bigfoot. Departing from the format of many reality series at the time, “Fact or Faked” focused on weighing the value of alleged evidence caught on video and photo before venturing out to a location with preconceived opinions. The series went on for 3 seasons and aired in dozens of countries.

Staying up on the latest research and development in the field, the Hypocenter team regularly responds to requests from print, radio, and TV media for guest appearances, interviews, and segment production. In the international UFO lecture circuit, Ben is most well-known for his focus on interpreting the meaning of body language and statements made by politicians and witnesses, analyzing video evidence, and profiling the methods and motives of hoaxers. He’s a regular contributor to the Huffington Post Weird News and he frequently lectures around the globe on the subjects of UFOs, witness testimony, ghosts, cryptids, and conspiracies. To date, he’s participated in nearly 100 live public events and lectures, over 300 radio interviews, and has hosted or guest appeared in dozens of U.S. and international TV shows on these subjects. While the industry of professionals actively working in this field is relatively small, the best stories and information are often only obtained through proactive networking. The Hypocenter team is well-connected and consistently sought after to help efficiently source content for compelling TV.

Outdoor Survival and Prepper Genre

Ben and Doc are also two of the original founders and owners of PrepperCon, the nation’s largest disaster preparedness and survival expo.  The genre of emergency preparedness or its related field ‘doomsday survival’- as some media refer to it- is not only a hot topic in the U.S., it’s sparked quite an interest across the globe. Europe is especially fascinated with the subject. In addition to the video services that we provide PrepperCon, we’ve assisted many television shows from the U.S., Germany, and Sweden in completing their own productions. We’re well connected to survival schools, experts, locations, survival tech companies, and custom vehicle shops. Whether you need a bunker to film in or an expert to take you on a 3-day survival course eating crickets, let us see if we can help you!

Hurricane Simulator

As part of PrepperCon’s entertainment focus, the expo created a hurricane simulator capable of pushing out 142 mph wind speeds- a Category 4 hurricane. The hurricane fan is normally mounted within a 20 ft. conex container that comprises the simulator. Riders are harnessed to a security bar inside the structure for safety as they experience the full wind effect. The hurricane fan itself can be removed from the container and transported to provide special effect wind for TV and film productions. Within industry standards, we have yet to find a more powerful effects fan in the Western U.S. Although we recently sold the fan to an industrial testing company in Phoenix, AZ, we have limited access to utilize the fan for special projects. Please contact with your project needs to verify availability.