“Where Groundbreaking Ideas Begin”

The hypocenter of an earthquake is the focused, center point in the earth located directly below the epicenter on the surface. The hypocenter is the precise point where earth movement begins. Hypocenter Productions is the focused point where creative ideas originate and accelerate into earth shaking concepts.

Hypocenter Productions LLC works primarily in the TV/film production industry, providing many services such as aerial drone cinematography, reality series concept development, and all aspects of pre and on-location production (research, segment production, expert content consulting, location scouting, and fixer services). We have primary bases of operation in Southern California and throughout all of Utah.

Hypocenter owns Night Vision Ops, specializing in filming solutions using night vision and thermal imaging technology. Our specialties encompass multiple genres of TV programming. We assist in locating hosting talent and experts in the prepper/survival industry, paranormal and ufology, and firearms training for actors or reality show talent. Let us know how we can support your TV or film project with our technical and production services!

  • Concept Development – From reality TV shows and docs to creating media strategies for national expos

  • Content Experts – Gurus at connecting your project to resources in the paranormal, unexplained, prepper, and outdoor survival worlds

  • Specialty Camera Filming – In the air, below the water, or in the dark, we specialize in technical camera set-ups

A Father-Son Partnership

Dr. M. David Hansen, “Doc” as he’s known by friends, and his son Ben began their journey in reality TV in 2009. Doc already had a wealth of experience in the TV programming and editing world from his college years working as the film department manager of a local NBC affiliate. His PhD in Education Management and subsequent decades of experience in Human Resources taught him the importance of sound research and practical logistics when commencing on any project.

Ben’s formal education includes an Executive Master’s in Emergency and Disaster Management and a BA in Sociology with a certification in Criminology and Corrections. Most of his employment experience after college was concentrated on investigating child sex crimes at state and then federal government agencies. Always willing to try new things, Ben fell into the world of TV as a change of pace to law enforcement. While he had taken one college course in TV and film acting, Ben was quickly reminded that he was a horrible actor. He learned however that he enjoyed the role of TV hosting because he was allowed to be himself. He found his first opportunity as a TV presenter when the U.S.-based Syfy Channel green-lit a series called “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files”. During roughly a year of development, Doc and Ben found a rare opportunity to assist in creating a very unique concept which became a hit show for the network for 3 full seasons. Working behind the scenes, Doc supported Ben’s research efforts in assisting the production with location scouting, segment production, and technology acquisition. Ben was the lead on-camera host of a team of 6, investigating mysterious and paranormal events caught on video and photograph. The father-son team learned how their synergistic energy allowed them to accomplish big projects… as long as they were excited about the subject. While not everyone in their family shares the same passion, both Doc and Ben embrace their geeky interest for all things UFO, ghost, and Bigfoot.

What We Do

In large part because of the Syfy series, opportunities opened for Ben to guest appear and produce on other TV shows. Ben was also invited to participate as a spokesperson for various commercial products. One of these offers came from Night Optics USA, a Bushnell company that specializes in manufacturing night vision and thermal camera equipment. Doc and Ben saw a need for better adaptation of night vision for professional and amateur filming. As many good businesses start, they decided to form a company centered on what they already loved doing. In 2012, an LLC – which later became Hypocenter Productions – was formed with Doc as the CEO and Ben as the President. The subsidiary Night Vision Ops was then created as an online retail store, specializing in night vision solutions for the TV and film industry.

In 2015, Hypocenter began handling the production of commercials and promotional video for PrepperCon, the nation’s largest disaster preparedness and survival expo. The annual event integrates Comic Con types of elements through the creation of high energy attractions, including a hurricane simulator capable of generating 142 mph winds. Hypocenter operates the simulator and produces the world’s first and only prepper fashion show called PrepperFash. Due to the prominence of the expo, U.S. and international TV productions frequently reach out to Hypocenter for help in acquiring survival experts, training, and locations such as bunkers and off-grid homes.

In 2016, underwater cinematography and aerial commercial drone filming and formally added as services. The FAA recently began enforcing commercial drone operation, but the regulations can be very complex to understand. The Hypocenter team meticulously keeps up with the changes through industry training and petitioning agencies for every available waiver to stay in compliance.

In the past few years, Hypocenter Productions has been contracted in over 50 cable TV airing reality episodes or documentaries and provided expert consulting, executive, and assistant producing to more than a dozen full length pilots and sizzle reels. We excel at finding content. We excel at finding other people who have content. And we specialize in making content entertaining and educational. If we can’t do it ourselves, we’re connected to people who can!

Meet Our Team

“Wilbur and I could hardly wait for morning to come, to get at something that interested us. THAT’S happiness.” – Orville Wright

Dr. M. David 'Doc' Hansen
Dr. M. David 'Doc' HansenCEO
As cool now as he was in the 70s, Doc is the logistical lead on new projects and legal matters. A king at data mining content, he contributes heavily to every developing concept and segment production.
Ben Hansen
Ben HansenPresident
Ben is the Hypocenter’s man in the field. As the camera specialist in night vision adaptation, FAA licensed drone operator for aerials, and Master SCUBA diver for underwater shots, he handles most of the on-location projects, on-camera hosting, location scouting, and fixer services.