Night Vision and Thermal Camera Retail Sales and Filming

Hypocenter Productions operates Night Vision Ops, an online night vision and thermal camera dealer selling to the military, law enforcement, and civilian markets. We specialize in finding solutions for adapting night vision scopes to record with prosumer and professional cameras. We also provide filming services and a limited stock of rental equipment for TV and film productions. Our equipment has been featured on cable TV networks such as E! Entertainment, Syfy, Destination America, History Canada, and the Smithsonian Channel. You may have seen our scopes in anything from “Keeping up with the Kardashians” to “UFOs Declassified” on the History Channel. Online news media programs such as NBC News, The Huffington Post, Popular Science, and Now This have also broadcast stories using our equipment. We also regularly conduct live stargazing events across the country.

Night Vision Ops sells night vision scopes and cameras as an official retailer for several U.S. manufacturers, including the Bushnell subsidiary Night Optics USA, N-Vision Optics, Bering Optics, AstroScope, and Opgal, an Israeli thermal imaging company. We carry all generations of night vision scopes and goggles from Generation 1 to Generation 3 autogated filmless tubes (also referred to as ‘Gen 4’). Our scopes can adapt to video cameras, smartphones, GoPros, or directly to the camera body of Canon or Nikon DSLR cameras and many Sony production cams. As film industry specialists in night vision technology, we’re also available to film on location whenever true night vision or thermal images are needed for your project.

To see our products for sale within the U.S., please visit the Night Vision Ops website by clicking the logo below.